“Everything happens all at once, so thank your stars that the people who try to watch everything come in groups. You will find twelve of them below representing a diversity of views and experience in American political thought. I have organized them in the headings below.

The rate of divergence is disturbing, but for the first time, the gem of a tightly edited tweet might make a difference in American political thought.  Do a monthly summary of just one group.  Weave their tweets into your democracy fabric and see if any treads of principle emerge.”

Rex L. Curry

Watchdog People

The watchdog people live lives of great trepidation, review the most recent concerns and summarize the state of our union. A couple “whistles” here.

Housing Rights People

People who know the foundation of a good society is housing in communities capable of nurturing everyone’s young.

Protect the Vote People

The right to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State. It is the law and our political leaders in many states are breaking it.

Social Policy People

The unknown principle of action adopted by governments and corporations is to avoid scrutiny of all kinds.

Business Integrity People

The number of businesses that will steal or cheat is growing. The integrity people are out there to find them.

Think Tank People

A reasonable combination of the policymakers that appear to be conservative or progressive.

Accountability People

There seems to be no end to the trouble people get into when the basics are ignored by the developers of all things material. They hide their mistakes, the “whistleblower folks” help to dig them out.

Consumer Protection People

Imagine if a thing you bought wasn’t safe. How you know? Right, we need people who pay attention to this stuff.

Tax Accountability People

Socialism for the rich is well documented by the tax account people. Be warned, these tweets can alter your sense of fairness in the way capital is treated.

Local Political People

Finding local political organizations often requires a look at some national network people building local networks.

Economic Justice People

People who make right past wrongs give us a good definition of justice. The opposite of wealth is not poverty, it is an injustice.

Random Tweet O-Ramas

Close to the ground testers for what works in your world. Rough list and growing.

These moderately overlapping group of institutions are summarized for what they think is important in a monthly summary posted at the end of each month beginning March 2019.

This project began with the START list. Have a look, if you are hoping to find other organizations.

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